SandSåk PWC Sand Anchor and Dry Bag

  • Made from durable 500D PVC with high-frequency welded seams
  • 20L size holds 50+ lbs of sand or aggregate
  • Duraflex® clips and d-rings
  • Bottom strap for quick emptying
  • Packaged with a 1/2" diameter, 12' long braided polyurethane rope rated to 2200 lbs tensile strength
  • Rust-proof 316 stainless steel clip on each end
  • Foam composite buoy on one end for easy retrieval and spotting

Product Description

SandSåk - A Fresh & Practical Idea Every Personal Watercraft Owner Will Love! 

SandSåk is a portable sand anchor designed with kayaks, surfboards, SUPs and other light personal watercraft in mind. 

This smart sand anchor is a lightweight but strong 20L bag that, when filled with sand, can be heavy enough to act as an anchor for your kayak or paddle-board.  The bag also serves as a standalone 20L dry bag to protect your clothes, devices and personal effects.

SandSåk is made of heavy duty 500D PVC with welded seams for increased strength, and features UTX clips, d-rings, and a handy bottom strap for quick and easy emptying. 

To tie and tow your craft, we've also included braided floating nylon rope with two 316 stainless steel clips and a buoy. 

What's more, every part of the SandSåk bundle is dyed in high visibility yellow and green colors to maximize utility and make sure that they're always quickly and easily detected!

We Stand Behind our Gear!

All of our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects - love S.Å.K. or your money back!  We also have the best customer service team...ever.  Seriously, if you have any questions, comments or concerns we are always here for you.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Bag: Waterproof 500 Denier PVC with welded seams, Rope: braided poly with 316 stainless steel clips and foam composite buoy.

Weight: Bag: 14.2 oz (0.88 lbs)

Bag Measurements (Empty and Flat): 23” tall, 14.75” wide

Bag Measurements when closed and full: 16” tall, 10” diameter

Bag Capacity: 50+ lbs of sand (or other smooth aggregate).

Length of Rope: 12' long (4M) x 1/2" diameter.

Waterproof Rating: When used as a dry bag, Sandsåk is rated IPX-6; it is intended to protect your belongings from rain, splashes, and intermittent shallow submersions - such as dropping overboard or accidentally falling into the water.  It is NOT intended for underwater use or prolonged submersions.



Designed in Pennsylvania USA | Made in China