PWC Dock Lines | Tow Ropes (2 Pack)

Premium PWC Dock Lines | Tow Ropes By Såk Gear, Heavy Duty Braided Line 2 Pc Bundle | 7ft & 14ft Lengths
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Premium PWC Dock Lines | Tow Ropes By Såk Gear, Heavy Duty Braided Line 2 Pc Bundle | 7ft & 14ft Lengths

Product Description

Finally - Heavy Duty Dock Lines | Tow Ropes You Can Rely On! 

This PWC dock line set contains two different sizes of tow ropes to make sure you always have the perfect length for the task at hand - 7ft and 14ft. 

S.Å.K. ropes are made of heavy duty braided PU fiber and are rated for loads up to 2200 lbs (1000kg). The dock lines are specially made with harsh environments and conditions in mind, so they are exceptionally resistant to saltwater and corrosion. 

At their ends, each set of tow cords has an extra strong 316 stainless steel clip and a custom spliced 10" loop for easy docking. 

Designed From The Ground Up For Safety & Function

At Såk Gear we make a point of using nothing but superior grade materials and state-of-the art production processes, so that we can be sure our products are something our customers can absolutely rely on. 

In that spirit of practicality and function, we've made sure that our dock lines and tow ropes are as safe, strong and durable as possible. 

What's more, they also feature a bright green color for improved visibility, even in harsh conditions or at night! 

We Stand Behind our Gear!

All of our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects - Love S.Å.K. or your money back!  We also have the best customer service team...ever.  Seriously, if you have any questions, comments or concerns we are always here for you.

Technical Specifications

Materials: Braided polyurethane rope with 316 stainless steel clips.


Length of Ropes: 1 x 7' and 1' 14' rope per package

Diameter or Ropes: 1/2"

Weight Rating: Rated for up to 2200 lbs (1000 KG)

Directions: Attach stainless hook to suitable receptor on PWC, attach loop end to dock cleat or pile.  If receptor is not compatible with snap hook simply make a loop in the rope, push the loop through the receptor, then snap the clip onto the loop.

Designed in Pennsylvania USA | Made in China


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