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The River Collection: Fishing, Tubing, and Kayak Bags


At Skog Å Kust, we produce functional, durable dry bags that fit our active outdoor lifestyles -- and yours. Our name comes from the Swedish words “Forest, Creek, Coast” because our dry bags and other waterproof products can take you from the forest to the sea. Whether you need a waterproof camping backpack or a waterproof kayak bag, our three collections showcase the best Skog Å Kust products for your outdoor adventure.

Our River Collection products are ideal for tossing in a kayak, a canoe, or a fishing boat. They will keep your gear protect against the choppiest river.


Do You Love to Kayak?

If you enjoy kayaking, then you know how essential it is to stay warm and dry when out on the river, and you also know that your kayak’s storage hatch is not waterproof. That’s why you need a dry bag. These bags allow you to pack your supplies, stabilize your boat, and keep your gear dry.

Dry bags will protect all of your essential kayaking supplies:

Quick-Dry Clothing
Meals and Snacks
First Aid Kit
Duct Tape
Emergency Blanket
Lighter or Matches

Many experts suggest that avid kayakers keep a fully-stocked dry bag on hand. That way, you won’t forget important items while packing for each trip. The following year, you can clear out any expired supplies and restock.


What Features Does a Kayak Dry Bag Need?

When you’re choosing a kayak dry bag or waterproof boat bag, there are a few features that will make a big difference during your river adventure.


Waterproof Materials and Sealed Seams

Your dry bag isn’t any good if it can’t keep your gear dry. Skog Å Kust dry bags achieve light weight and heavy duty protection because we make them with 500 Denier Waterproof PVC vinyl-coated polyester. Additionally, all of our bags feature welded seams for maximum weatherproof protection.


The Right Size

Most kayak dry bags are between 8 and 15 liters.  Depending on the length of your trip, the gear you’re planning to bring, and how you like to stay organized, a small, medium, or large bag may be the right choice for you.

Small: Good for just the necessities (or you can buy several to better organize your gear)
Medium: Has room for more supplies like hiking boots or a change of clothes
Large: Can carry a sleeping bag and other large gear for overnight trips

Different Closures

There are four main types of dry bag closures:

Zipper: Very secure
Drawstring: Easy to close and repair
Roll-Down: Watertight and can compress your gear
Velcro: Functions well in wet and dry conditions


Brightly Colored

If your kayak flips, then you need to gather your gear from the water quickly. You’ve just been underwater, your clothes are weighing you down, and you’re trying to avoid obstacles, and it is a huge relief to spot a brightly-colored dry bag bobbing in the water.


The Skog Å Kust River Collection

Our River Collection provides the best products for kayaking, canoeing, tubing, fishing, and any other time you spend on the water.



The DrySåk is a great waterproof grab-and-go bag. You can sling its adjustable strap over your shoulder and quickly grab valuables from its zippered, splash-proof exterior pocket. The reflective trim and bright color options of this dry bag make it easy to spot when it goes overboard, and its roll-down top provides a waterproof seal.



The BackSåk can hold 35 liters, measures 19 inches tall when closed, and still only weighs 2.4 lbs when empty. There are two closure options for this bag: Roll down at the top or clip at the sides. It includes two zippered pockets: a splash-proof outer pocket and a waterproof inner pocket. It also comes with reflective trim, vibrant color options, cushioned straps, and padded back support.



The DuffelSåk comes in two huge sizes, 40 and 60 liters, with two sturdy handles and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. Its two D-rings allow you to fasten it to a boat or kayak. It has both a splash-proof outer pocket and interior pockets for organization.



This product can perform two jobs. When filled with sand, this 20L bag works as an anchor for your kayak. Without the sand, it functions as a large waterproof dry bag. It features UTX clips, D-rings, and a bottom strap for easy emptying, and its yellow and green color scheme stands out against the water.

The SandSåk bundle comes with:

A Braided Floating Rope
Two 316 Stainless Steel Clips
A Buoy


PWC Dock Lines / Tow Ropes

These heavy-duty dock lines come in a two-pack with one 7’ and one 14’ length rope. These dock lines are rated for up to 2200 lbs (1000 kg) and feature extra strong 316 stainless steel clips and custom 10” loops on the end for easier mooring. This rope is braided with neon yellow and green for high visibility.


Bungee Dock Lines

These highly-visible dock lines are also rated up to 2200 lbs (1000 kg). They come in a two pack with a 55” and 68” rope which can each extend up to 75% in length. Two reflective floats stop these lines from sinking if they accidentally fall overboard.


HydroSåk Water Bottle

This water bottle is lightweight (only 5.5 oz. when empty), collapsible, and has a capacity of 26 oz. You aren’t likely to lose this water bottle to the river since its sure-grip handle can clip to your gear. The HydroSåk’s seal is leak-proof, and you can easily open its lockable lid with the press of a button. It’s even dishwasher safe.


Want to Learn More?

Do you want to learn more about how the Skog Å Kust River Collection fits your active lifestyle? We’re always happy to talk about our waterproof snorkeling bags, kayak bags, and camping bags. Call us at (833) 881-4400, send an email to info@skogakust.com, or message us online today.