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Water sports need specific accessories to ensure your entire activity is comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasant. You might be a water baby and would love to get wet all the time while playing the sports you love and enjoy.

But, some of your belongings, such as car keys or your phone, might not be built for swimming alongside you. Therefore, you will need a Waterproof Fanny Pack to keep your belongings dry and safe without compromising your water sports enthusiasts.


Importance & Need for a Waterproof Fanny Pack

Whether you are out training for the next big swimming event or are heading out to an aquapark to enjoy some of the amazing water sports activities, Waterproof Backpacks are important. Now, even though you own a big-sized backpack that can prevent water from entering the fabric, you cannot expect to carry it while swimming or enjoying water activities.

When you are at the pool or near the beach, you might not have any facility to securely store your expensive belongings. As a result, one member of the group needs to stay back to ensure her things are safe. But imagine having a small fanny pack to help you secure things and tie the bag around your waist while swimming around the waters. There’s no need for anyone from the group to compromise on their fun and enjoyment.


Which Fanny Pack Would be the Best?

The Online Waterproof Products come with IP (Ingress Protection) rating to determine how durable the product is under water. In fanny packs, the IP rating determines if they are ready to withstand total immersion in water and keep your belongings safe.

There are three specified ratings for the fanny backpacks, IPX6, IPX7, and IPX8. IPX6 states that the bag can withstand only the strong water sprays but cannot keep the belongings safe upon complete immersion.

IPX7 states that the bags can protect your belongings upon submersion into the water up to the depth of one meter and for a limited time, i.e., around 30 minutes. The best grade fanny pack that allows you to swim around waters without thinking much about time or depth is IPX8. A bag with such a rating allows complete immersion into water, as they are fully waterproof and have no time limit.



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