August 14, 2018 0 Comments

We are excited to kick-off a new regular blog post that will feature customers who use Skog Å Kust gear in their professional lives.  As a timely inaugural post, we have chosen Mike Stanley of the Beverly Hills Fire Department.


Mike is a 10 year veteran firefighter, and has been working with his strike team XLA1075A to battle the Mendocino complex fire.

This wildfire has grown to become the largest wildfire in California State history.  Mike's Company, and countless other firefighters from around the country and world, have been working shifts of up to 24 hours straight out on the fire lines.



Mike's bag of choice is our DuffelSåk Pro which he uses to store all of his fresh clothes and sleeping bag while he is out on the line.  As he puts it: "We store our gear on top of the engine, completely exposed to the elements, as we fight the fire over weeks at a time and I need something that keeps my clothes and sleeping bag clean and dry. This bag does the trick. It’s nice knowing after 24 hours of fighting fire and being exposed to smoke, weather and dirt, I can come back to the engine to find my items clean, dry and secure in this extra large bag".

Mike also told us that he always has a stash of LiteSåks with him to store soiled clothes, and keep them separate from his clean stuff.

We salute Mike and all his fellow firefighters who sacrifice life, limb and time away from their families to save and protect the public.