February 27, 2019 0 Comments

Today we are highlighting Skog Å Kust Pro User, Rodger Eales, of the San Diego Lifeguards & Fire Rescue Department.

Rodger, 35, is a husband and father who says he is inspired by big wave surfing professionals, his wife and the beauty of the earth.

Rodger's favorite bag is our BackSåk, which he uses on the job as his "go-bag" - housing his specialty rescue gear.  He also takes it along with him off the job on some of his favorite outdoor activities like surfing, snowboarding and spearfishing.    

Last December, while surfing the (in)famous Mavericks beach in Half Moon Bay CA, Rodger lent his DrySåk to a professional photographer who was capturing photos of big wave surfers: In Rodger's words: "The photographer housed his Sony 6k in the yellow dry bag for the ride out. Once out in the line up, on the back of the ski he would pull the camera out of the bag shoot pics then drop it back in and roll the top while moving to avoid waves and keep his gear dry. Worked like a charm. We trusted the bag with very expensive equipment all day long."

We all feel a little safer in the water knowing Rodger and his fellow members of the Lifeguards & Fire Rescue Department have our backs!

You can follow Rodger's life and adventures through his Instagram profile @rodgerdat


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