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Name: Sam Vidler     

Hometown: Colchester, Essex, England

Current residence: Utila & England

Profession/Studying: Scuba Diving & Tec Diving Instructor

Sam Vilder

Favorite Outdoor Sports Activities: Scuba Diving, Freediving, Gym/Crossfit, Yoga and Rugby

Who/What inspires you: My family.  My dad is a 62 year old retired teacher that still runs the family farm.  I honestly don’t know where he gets the energy from as he gets up at 5am most mornings, goes shooting, works on the farm or in the workshop all day and then goes fishing in the evenings.  My mum is a cardiac nurse, saving peoples lives tirelessly every day.  My sister is an award winning Event Director, responsible for starting the festivals: The Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Day Zero and Wonderfruit.  She plans to start a new festival on Utila in the near future.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who and why: Dead - Jacques Cousteau, so I could go on an adventure with him and discover something new.  Alive, Elon Musk, he seems to have a good idea as to what the future holds or Micahel Burry to find out when/where/why the next big crash is going to happen…  apparently it’s going to be over access to fresh water.

How did you hear about S.Å.K.: Utila friends.  I’d heard about S.Å.K. from some friends that were on the island before me using their bags. My landlord/realtor Brad Ryon asked me to help out and find some models for one of the S.Å.K. photo/videoshoot, which i jumped at the chance at as I love the products and was super keen to work with the guys.

Favorite S.Å.K. Product: My BackSåk.  I use it every day whether I’m working, diving or going on adventures around the island.

How do you use/what do you carry in your S.Å.K.s: Every day use, I carry anything from my laptop, my paperwork, my camera, sometimes some of my scuba gear, my iPhone, my portable speaker, food, drinks, pretty much everything!  I often take my students on ATV or kayak tours to show them a little bit of what else Utila has to offer apart from scuba diving.  My BackSåk and LiteSåk are perfect for storing everyone’s stuff. 

What future products would you like to see from S.Å.K.: For diving we have a bunch of paperwork, liability releases, boat rosters etc that often get wet…  a little pouch for a clipboard would be pretty useful.  Also some kind of floaty that has a dry center section for music products.

Some apparel would be awesome too, some shirts or shorts for the gym or yoga or something, maybe even some rash guards or thermal rash guards for diving.

Anything else you would like to share: I loved every second of working with the S.A.K. team, creating amazing products and promoting fun, outdoor adventures, that’s my jam. I can’t wait for more good times with the crew!

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Sam Vilder