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Name: Brad Ryon

Hometown:  Victor | Farmington, NY, USA

Current residence: Utila, Honduras

Profession:  Marine Biologist / Real Estate Broker / Consulting Chef / Photographer

Brad Ryon, Utila Realty

Favorite Outdoor Sports Activities: Everything Water

Who/What inspires you:  Nature

How did you hear about S.Å.K.:  A rum inspired conversation with the Owner himself

Favorite S.Å.K. Product:  BriefSåk -  I use it every single day and it keeps my computer dry and protected. 

How do you use/what do you carry in your S.Å.K.s:   I have many of their product and use them for everything I can from carrying my computers, to my camera gear, as well as food and clothing depending what I am doing.  The product lines cover most every bag need that I need for day to day living on a tropical island where I commute to work by boat.  

What future products would you like to see from S.Å.K.:  A bright Red / Orange bag with lots of reflective material to be used as a Ditch bag for boating to carry items to take into a life raft (ideally something that had the ability to fill with some air).  A truly waterproof camera bag that offers great protection, but is easier to carry around than a hard plastic case.

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