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Name: Nick Nowak

Hometown: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Current residence: Bryn Athyn, PA USA

Profession: President & Founder S.Å.K. & CEO of Coral Beach Village

Nick Nowak, President Skog Å Kust

Favorite Outdoor Sports/Activities: Any type of fishing: inshore, offshore, salt or freshwater, fly rod, hand-line or spear…

Who/What inspires you: My old friends; risk and competition.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who and why: Che Guevara - I’d love to go on a motorcycle tour of South America and practice my Spanish with that man.

How did you hear about SÅK: Well…

Favorite SÅK Product: I can’t just choose one…I love the simplicity of our original DrySåk and BackSåk.  GymSåk is the cinch bag I have always wanted, and now have. At the same time, I am also super excited about some of the upcoming stuff we are working on!

How do you use/what do you carry in your SÅKs: A lot of camera gear and accessories, dry clothes/towels, wallet, sunscreen, folding pocket knife, and bug repellant are usually on my every day carry list.  Also have been carrying my DJI Spark around in my 10L DrySåk, the included foam case is a perfect fit!

What future products would you like to see from SÅK:  We are working on expanding our line with some awesome new products, but we want to remain focused on quality over quantity.  We are constantly going back and revisiting our products to try and improve them, whether that would be tweaking/adding features or using new/better materials.  A lot of this feedback comes directly from our customers, and we are very thankful to have such an engaged group of followers.  So I guess my answer would be that I am most excited about perfecting each and every product we make, as much as possible.

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Nick Nowak, President Skog Å Kust